An air of exclusivity


ENP Law Boutique since 1981 aims to represent, citizens and businesses not only in litigation, but, also, in alternative dispute resolution (arbitration,mediation,conciliation) with responsibility.

We undertake the overall handling of any dispute based on the wishes and rights of our clients, by guiding them and proposing all possible alternatives, and by taking into consideration the affordable costs in balance with time and money. For us, legal services have entered a new era. That is why we provide up-to-date knowledge by our partners even in the most frequent legislative changes, and the most up-to-date services in every field of law.

With regard to efficient dispute resolution we promote mediation, which is a negotiation between two or more parties facilitated by an agreed-upon third party.Especially in electronic(online) mediation the settlement process manages to cross borders and jurisdictions, creating significant advantages for the parties to a dispute. It is a practical process, low cost, it saves travel time and expenses. The parties can meet with each other and with the mediator on the screen of their computer or mobile phone or simply choose the written form of electronic communication.


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